Message To Coaches


-COVID-19 Protocols will be followed by teams as listed on

-Teams that do not follow COVID-19 protocols will be removed from the event without a refund.

-Teams are guests of the facilities, school districts, and all coaches, players, and attendees will conduct themselves accordingly. Any party deemed to not be in compliance with proper conduct or COVID-19 protocols by Salt Lake Basketball Club will be asked to exit the venue and may be subject to dismissal from future events without refund.

-It is the responsibility of all coaches to make players and attendees aware of behaving in a sportsmanship like manner toward all school property, employees, Salt Lake Basketball Club staff and game officials. Coaches also should be sure that parents adhere to COVID-19 protocols as listed on

-Games canceled or affected by weather will NOT be made up or re-played.

-Team registration will be complete only upon receipt of payment.

-All payments are final.

-All games lost to COVID-19 issues, including positive tests or quarantines will NOT be made up or refunded.

-Returns for lost games canceled by schools, that are not caused by actions of teams or supporters of the league, will be calculated as follows: Teams will be paid back by the following formula: (league price / by 8) x .80%

-Games lost to COVID-19 issues that are not related to schools closing will not be reimbursed as costs will have been incurred. If schools close to the League due to violations by teams or supporters of teams, no refunds will be issued.

-Coach certifies that all players and coaches playing in Saturday Super League will have current AAU numbers and that all numbers listed on this roster are currently valid with the AAU. Any new player added will be registered with the AAU. 

-Coaches are responsible for turning in a Play Hoops Roster at the first game. Automatic 2pts and loss of possession if Roster is not turned-in at the first game.

We are all partners in a sense. In order to keep everything as close to normal as possible, we have to communicate and work together. Thank you in advance for your commitment.

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