Virtual Skill Enhancement Sessions  

 Monday & Wednesday's  7:00pm - 7:30pm

 Please Contact Coach James For Appointment


Join Zoom Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 631 135 9152

Virtual Session Cost: $10 ( Promotion End 12/31)

Please make payment via the Venmo link Below:


Prep Notes:

1) Please be on early 


2)Your microphone should be muted, so everyone can clearly receive instructions

3) Please set your device at an angle where I can see you head-to-toe


4)The view of the instructor should be “pinned”, so that you can be a few feet from your device and see me at the widest angle possible. I believe this might be called “speaker view.”


5)Try to get on early so we can start right on time. Have your basketball, tennis ball, cone, chair or stool ready. 

How to Build A  Footwork Mat 

The Standard size is (3ftx2ft) for a player 5'5" - 6'8".

If the player is shorter consider going for 2ftx1.5ft. If Taller, consider 3.5ftx 2.5ft. 

Private Skill Enhancement Sessions



9 Sessions

+ one time sign up fee



3 Sessions

+ one time sign up fee



6 Sessions

+ one time sign up fee



1 Session

+ one time sign up fee


2-4 Sessions Weekly
with Access to Checklist Training System App with 600+ Skills & Methods 

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