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The Salt Lake Basketball Club is a youth basketball program focusing on teaching athletes ages 8-18, who possess a passion for the game and a strong desire to develop and improve their fundamental basketball skills. We look to deliver quality instruction and guidance for the development of all players committed to improvement. 


Our basketball player development program is unmatched in offering year-round training. SLBC offers a variety of Skill Enhancement programs for those who are serious about taking their talents to the next level.  I focus on Coordination, Physical Traits, Techniques, Mechanics, Footwork, Balance and Agility Training. We prepare our young athletes to compete at their highest level by teaching them skills integral to properly transition from where they are to becoming naturals. 

You Can

Expect for your child to come in and learn collegiate & professional level offensive/ defensive strategies, and skills.  All at the same time being challenged to focus, and commit to the success of the team while building confidence in themselves, teammates, and the SLBC System.

Frequently Asked Questions
 Fees Associated With SLBC Team Membership?

Membership Start-Up Cost is $200. There will be an additional cost for registration based on the number of players on the team. Monthly club dues will be $100 due on the 1st of every month. This does NOT include the facility entrance fee. Gym Entrance Fee is about  $28/mo. paid separately and directly to the 24hr Fitness of Sandy. SLBC Team Members are also eligible to receive small group lessons at a discount rate of $20 & Private Lessons for $30. All Lessons are about 1hr in duration.  

Monthly Small Group Lessons Plan For SLBC Players & Non- Team Members?

$120/mo. 8 sessions ( $15ea. ) or $60/mo. 4 sessions ( $15ea. )

The Monthly Group Plan works like a gym membership. Renews every 28 days. 

4-7th Graders Monday's 5 -6p and Tuesday's 6-7p




Private Lessons for Non- SLBC Team Players?

Single Session:    $65    1 Session ( $65 ) + one time sign up fee

Gold Package:      $459  9 Sessions ( $51 ea. ) + one time sign up fee 

Silver Package:    $324  6 Sessions ( $54 ea. ) + one time sign up fee

Bronze Package:  $180  3 Sessions  ( $60 ea. ) + one time sign up fee


Small-Group "Drop-in" Lessons for Non-SLBC Team Players (4th-7th Grade)?

$30per athlete per session 

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