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Can my child play multiple sports while a member of Salt Lake Basketball Club?

The Best Ability Is Availability. Due to the fact we only look to carry about 8 kids per team, its takes on court time for players to build continuity as a team. This is vital for the success and development of the team and player. While I don't discourage kids to play other sports, I do ask that Basketball takes priority over other sports. This is a year round sport. On average it's 1-2 practices and 1-2 games per week. We also recommend at least one skill session per month and getting to the gym 2x week to shoot. Repetition Is The Mother Of All Skill. 

Can we play with another club team while playing with this team?

No. For the development of the player this is not recommended. In our experience we have come to find that parent believe the more the player get to play games the better they will become. This idea couldn't be  further from the truth. If the player truely whats to become a better player it is better to go a court and take 500 jump shots in 1 hour, as oppose to playing another games and maybe taking 10 shots. Please do not confuse movement with progress.

When should I expect my uniform?

Uniforms generally take about 1 month after they are ordered to arrive.

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